Here are the most common questions we get about Night Train Las Vegas. Please read through them, we hope it can answer anything you might be thinking. If it does not, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your question(s). 


1.Where do you register?

To register for your package, please click here. Only register if you know the exact package and date(s) you would like.  A confirmation email when be sent to you once your reservation has been booked. A host will contact you the week of your package to finalize your plans.


2.How far do I need to book out my package with Night Train Las Vegas?

You need to put in your reservation in at least a week in advance. If you are a week out or wondering about a specific holiday or busy weekend, please call for availability. 


3.What is the 6 Venue Package?

The 6 Venue Package allows you access to 2 Pool Parties, 2 Lounges, 2 Nightclubs without waiting in a general admissions line or paying the venues’ cover fee. This is the ULTIMATE Vegas 2-day experience.


4.What is the Party Bus Package?

The Party Bus Package is a club crawl between 3 A-list clubs on Friday night. The party bus takes you between club 1 to club 2 and from club 2 to club 3 spending about 45 minutes to an hour at each club. The bus is filled with drinks, mixers, and water. The bus does not take you to and from your hotel. 


5.Are the 6 Venue Package and the Party Bus Package the same thing. 

No, they are not. Please read above for the description of each.  You may combine them together for an additional fee.


6.Between the 6 Venue Package and the Party Bus Package which has more walking?

Due to the club crawl style, the Party Bus Package has more walking than the 6 venue package. 


7.Which is your favorite package?

Personally, I like the 6 venue package myself. You get to go to not only 1 but 2 pool parties which are were the fun is on a HOT Vegas summer. Also, on the party bus, you are on a strict schedule only staying at each venue for about an hour. 


8.How do I add a person to my group?

Have them register on the home page of the site and list the head contact person for your group’s reservation. 


9.Can we purchase separately but be in the same party. 

Yes, when registering, pick a main contact person for your group’s reservation. This will help us keep the entire group together.


10.How do I redeem my voucher or discount I bought from Groupon, LivingSocial, or TravelZoo?

 To redeem your voucher, please see the home page for registration. Only register if you know the exact package and date(s) you would like. 


11.Do I get to select the clubs I want to go to?

No, you do not. The clubs are preselected the week of, based on what is going on in Las Vegas and at each venue. A host will call you the week of your package to tell you exactly where you are going and when you are meeting up. The schedule is subject to change at any moment. 


12.Do I get to select the clubs I want to go to?

Sure… for an additional fee. Please see custom packages or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote. 


13.When should I expect a call from my VIP Host?

You or the head of your party should expect a call the week of your package. We do not pick the venues for the packages till the week before and we schedule based on the venues. You will more than likely hear from the host on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your host will email you the agenda for your package once you finalize your package plans. 


14.When do you select your 2 days for the 6 Venue Package?

You will select your two days when you register or when you speak to your host, the week of your package or.  You can select any 2 days; Thursday through Sunday.


15.Does the Party Bus limo pick me up from my hotel?

No, it does not. You will need to find your own transportation to and from. You are only on the bus between clubs.


16.Are the venues you have selected fun?

Of course we selected them! And this is Vegas! We only select A-list venues but you mood, vibe, and alcohol intake does affect your overall take away. 


17.Do we get to skip the lines?

Yes, you get to skip the general admissions line (normally 1-3 hours). You will have to wait to get your IDs check, it’s the law! Please take into account that we could have groups as large as 100 people and that can be a line in itself. 


18.Do I have to pay the cover charge at the clubs?

No, it’s on us!  


19.When do I show up for my package?

A host will call you the week of your package to give you your schedule and where you will meet.  


20.What do I need to bring when I meet my host?

You will need your voucher (groupon, livingsocial, travelzoo) print out as well as your ID or Passport.


21.What happens if I forget my ID?

You MUST have a valid state ID or passport. You cannot get in to any of the venues without it. If the club rejects you based on your ID, Night Train is not at fault. 


22.Can I show up when I want to go to each venue?

Uhhhhhh Nooo… Everything is on a schedule. Your host will give you your exact times and the grace period you have to get to each venue. If you miss out, you will need to contact your host directly. It is up to them to accommodate your or not. 


23.What happens if I am late?

Everything is on a time schedule; if you are late you will need to contact your host. We host groups up to a 100 per night, so unfortunately we cannot hold up the group. It is up to the host if they would like to wait around to walk you in or add you to a guest list. 


24.Are there drink specials?

There are drink specials at most of the lounges. For ladies you may get lucky at the pool too!  


25.What type of alcohol is on the Party Bus?

 We want you to have fun and live it up on the party bus. It is usually stocked with vodka, mixers, soda, and water. If you would like a specific drink on the bus we can have it arranged for an additional charge. 


26.Are there nonalcoholic drinks on the bus?

Yes we have soda, juice, and water. If you want something specific on the bus, please let your host know. There may be an additional charge.


27.If on the Party Bus and I like the club I am at now, do I need to get back on?

This is Vegas, do what you want! If you do not want to get back on the bus, you do not need to. If you are enjoying yourself and want to stay, then more power to you. Have fun; just text your host to let them know.


28.Can I have the Party Bus Saturday?

Unfortunately, we only run the Party Bus on Fridays. If you have a group of 10 or more and would like to do a Party Bus another night we can work it out as a custom tour. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


29.What time does the pool party start?

You will need to meet your host at 10:30am at the designated spot. The pools stay open till 6pm and once you have been stamped or received a wristband from that venue, you may come and go as you please. You may have to wait in a small line if you leave and come back but that is on you. 


30.What time do we meet for the night time activities? 

Both the 6 Venue and Party Bus meet at a designated lounge at 9:00pm. You stay at the lounge for about an hour before going to the club?


31.What if I do not want to participate in a venue?

That is up to you and your choice. Please just let the host know before, so he or she does not try to get a hold of you. 


32.Why are holidays Blacked Out?

Holidays are a premium time for clubs and Las Vegas in general. While we always try to run a Night Train package during that time, we cannot guarantee any specific clubs. Holiday weekends might have higher rates and additional charges as well. 


33.What happens if the weather doesn’t allow for a pool party? 

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do, we cannot predict or change the weather.  You do have a few options. If the weather lets up, you may come back another day to a different scheduled pool party. You will have to schedule this with your host. You can miss out on that pool party and just go to the other events. You are still getting a great deal. OR If you would like a refund, you give up your entire package and will need to go through who you bought your package from. (groupon, travelzoo, or us directly at the office)


34.What is the attire for the pools?

Please come in beach gear and not just in your swim suite. For ladies a cover up, dress, or shorts and a tank with sandals or heels is most appropriate.  For the men, trunks and a t-shirt or tank top with sandals is perfect. Do not come wearing jean pants.


35.What is the attire for the clubs?

Ladies should always dress to impress. Sexier the better we say! Men, it’s a little harder. Collar shirts and dress shoes are a must. No hats, sneakers, or tank tops. If you have to ask, you probably can’t wear it. Jeans pants are OK! 


36.What can or can’t I bring into the Pool Party?

Please do not bring any outside food or drink, including water. They will make you through it away. Also, anything that could be construed as a drug, please do not bring. This includes; eye drops (yes, people put drugs in their eyes?!?), aspirin, proscription (leave in your hotel room or have a doctor’s note), birth control… pretty much anything pill like. 


Yes, you may bring lotions and tanning sprays. You will not need your own towel. 


37. What is Night Train Refund Policy?

Night Train wants everyone to have a good time and hopes you take full advantage of our packages. If for some reason you need to cancel, you must call into the Night Train office 48 Hours before the package weekend. Package weekends begin Thursday. If you purchase within the 48 Hours, all sales are Final.


There are a few things Night Train can do for you if you need to cancel, past the refund time. 
- Night Train will honor your credit for a year. 
- You may give your spot to someone else and they pay you back.


If you were unhappy with the Night Train services, we truly apologies. The best way to handle this is to write an email, letter, or a phone call to the office. We are always trying to improve our business, so your opinion matters. If you took advantage of more than 35% of the package, unfortunately, we cannot give you back a refund.


Please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any question or concerns.